SEO Hero

Is this website the only website that has any possibility of winning the SEO Hero Challenge?

Read the *** rules very carefully to find out why.

Try searching on Google for SEO Hero and let me know if you find a single website that fully complies to the *** SEO Hero Challenge rules.

And remember if you are going to mention any SEO Hero ensure you have their informed consent and have been granted a full license from the copyright holder if you intend using a photograph of them. (Also ensure the background doesn't show any landmarks)

If you are going to make up your own SEO Hero based on a ****** superhero be careful that the likeness or name is not too similar. - I've already seen quite a few using heroes that look like ******, *******, ******** and even ******* ******* if you are going to use that logo with the big S on it be careful.

Oh no! - I hope the *** judge doesn't consider what I have written here as disparaging.

Update 22/12/2016

I have had it clarified by the Google Brand Permissions team that using any Google logos or branding in the SEO Hero Contest is not allowed;

"We have reviewed your request to use the Google logo. Unfortunately, we cannot approve your request. We typically do not allow third party use of our logo or brand features."

With regard to using the Google name in the SEO Hero contest the Google Brand Permissions team say;

"With regard to using the Google name, we do not grant permission for requests of this nature, however you may wish to explore your options under fair use."

With the question of using the Google name, images/logo, etc. partially clearede up the next question is what about ***?

I'm assuming we can mention the name under fair use but will clarify this with *** when I can.
What I doubt vewry much is allowed though is us using their logo or any of their images on our SEO Hero sites - So be careful ou there ;-)

I drew this ;-)
I drew this ;-)